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Peace is present when things form part of a whole greater than their sum, as the diverse minerals in the ground collect to become the tree.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince

The Work

I’ve always been fascinated about the world at a macro and micro level. At the macro level, I find it difficult to believe there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth. And at the micro level, it’s just as amazing to me that one atom is 0.000000001 of an inch.

It’s these extremes that led me to develop my highly detailed and textured Variegated style. I wanted to mimic a truth in life that one bad or one good moment doesn’t define an entire lifetime. Instead, we must take a step back and analyze all these instances together to see what they reveal.

The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery said it best when he said, “Peace is present when things form part of a whole greater than their sum, as the diverse minerals in the ground collect to become the tree.”

I want my paintings to show all the good choices and bad, coincidences and contradictions, ideas and lack thereof, arguments and agreements, fortune and misfortune that end up forming a subject. They then are all represented by an unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and combinations thereof to illustrate the development and creation of the subject.

I want the viewer, for example, to think about what went into the making of a peach. Was it the first drop of water that fell from a cloud and traveled down a river to a canal to a ditch to a tree that bore the fruit? Was it the photons that traveled 94 million miles to help feed the young fruit? Was it the peach tree borers that chose not to destroy the peach while they ate its neighbors? There are a million things that had to occur for that fruit to grow and to come into being. If taken out of context, one might look at a misshapen shape or situation and never think it could have helped create such beauty.

It’s not until one sees all the pieces together to see the end result of peace, cooperation and harmony.

The Path

I used to have so many of my clothes covered in paint that I decided to intentionally paint my new clothes and make it my style. When I would go for runs through the city at 3 a.m. after having painted for 16 hours, drunk people walking home from the bars would laugh at me and make “Go Rocky Balboa jokes.” One night I was even confused as to why the street lights seemed to be so bright from behind my blinds. When I looked behind them, I realized it was the morning sun, rather than street lights I was seeing.

Needless to say, painting has consumed and changed my life for the past 20 years.

In 2015, I invented the world’s first method of painting a painting on top of another painting and then using LED lights to reveal the bottom one. This method, I call Tiered Painting, was beginning to receive press coverage around the time I was flown to Austria to show my work and also while I was beginning to sell paintings, including my first piece to a billionaire.

As my painting career finally appeared to be taking off in the way I had envisioned it, I made a painful decision to stop marketing my work. Things weren’t right. While I had found my own method of painting, I hadn’t found my style that was true to me.

So I locked myself back in my studio for the next couple years while I discovered and developed my highly detailed and textured style. It had to work with both my traditional and tiered paintings, as well as satisfy many requirements I had over painting for so many years. It even works with my latest tiered invention, the cube, which takes my non-tiered work and turns it into an easily reproducible tiered piece of art.

For the first time in my career, I feel truly satisfied and excited to market my work.

Featured Work

Saint Martin de Pallieres

Contemporary Acrylic Painting

Image Size: 48in x 36in

$3,500.00 Plus Shipping

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Every single one of the fields of flower paintings by Clint Eccher has sold almost immediately and this one will not be available for long. 

Once again, Eccher finds the balance between classic landscape and modern semi-abstraction. 

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Concentric Movement

48in x 48in – Acrylic



Living Between Stars

24in x 48in – Acrylic



48in x 48in – Acrylic



30in x 48in – Acrylic

Lemon Lime

30in x 48in – Acrylic


Blue Horse

48in x 48in – Acrylic

Portfolio Theme: Fields of Flowers

Remeniscent of Andrew Wyeth’s powerful landscape perspectives, Eccher’s explorations of this theme evoke an endless blossoming of spirit and nature.

Portfolio Theme: Branded Culture

Modern individual identity is strongly associated with the branded products we choose to consume. Eccher explores conscious and unconscious consumer tribalism in these impressionist pop art paintings.

Portfolio Theme: Telling Stories

Eccher evokes the heart of hearthside storytelling in these editorial impressionist paintings.

Portfolio Theme: Textural Abstraction

Progress or decay? Eccher’s abstract textural paintings evoke the questions of “where are we headed?” and “will that be better?”

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